Brighten and Whiten After Braces

Once your braces come off, the first thing you want to do is show off your beautifully aligned teeth to the world. For some patients, having their teeth whitened after orthodontic treatment is the perfect way to put on the final aesthetic touch and have that hollywood smile they’ve always dreamed of. One of the methods Dr. Gutsche uses to whiten teeth is Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel, an affordable and professional system that can be used in the comfort of your own home.

How does Opalescence Teeth Whitening work?

This method involves applying a gentle, carbamide peroxide gel at home using special, custom-made trays. The gel comes in two different flavors: mint or melon. With Opalescence teeth whitening you can noticeably brighten your smile two shades or more in ten days or less!

How long should I wait to whiten my teeth after my braces are removed?

Your teeth will be somewhat sensitive after you get your braces off. Dr. Gutsche typically recommends waiting about a month before whitening your teeth. After a month or so, the exposed enamel will feel less sensitive, and the whitening method will be a much more comfortable experience.

Here are some reasons why we recommend Opalescence

  • Opalescence fits your budget and your lifestyle
  • Formulated to prevent dehydration
  • A simple and quick treatment method
  • Minimal teeth sensitivity
  • Proven results!

Contact us today for a free consultation and to find out if teeth whitening is right for you. We’re happy to answer all questions and we’ll make sure you or your child receives the right treatment plan for them.