Say hello to Itero!

Say hello to Itero!
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Providing our patients with a unique and positive experience that they can’t find elsewhere is one of our my main goals at Gutsche Orthodontics.  We strive to provide treatment that’s effective yet also comfortable by incorporating the latest innovative technology into the practice of orthodontics.

That’s why I’m proud to talk about our state-of-the-art, iTero® digital scanner, which is used to take 3D impressions on each patient, allowing us to permanently retire that uncomfortable, gooey, impressions material that is normally used. The use of the scanner provides more precise and clear information for better fitting appliances.

Here’s how it works: With a scanning wand, we’re able to take hundreds of photos of a patient’s teeth in just minutes! These photos are then displayed on our computer, providing 3D imaging of the mouth from any angle.

Another positive aspect of using the scanner is that it’s directly linked with the Invisalign® system, which allows us to use aligners to create a perfect smile. Once the patient is scanned, their images are sent directly to Invisalign. You can even see the outcome of your treatment ahead of time!

And the final result? Faster turnaround time, and perfectly fitted aligners.

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